What do you NEED from your tax preparer??

By |March 16th, 2014|

Approximately 50% of Canadians have someone file their income taxes for them. Be sure you are receiving the tax advice that you need.

For some, basic preparation services is all that is required. Our firm provides more.

Prior to preparing your return we speak to our clients and ask about what happend in their world during the prior year to ensure we have gathered all infromation that may be relevant to their tax situation.

Post preparation, we discuss the clients return with them in detail. Looking at all the entries we have made to ensure they sound reasonable to the client and to ensure we have addressed all their tax issues even if they did not present tax slips.

We provide tax tips for the coming year, to get you thinking about how to manage your tax affairs to ensure you maximize your tax benefits in the year ahead.

Get tax advice from tax professionals and NOT from someone who works in another discipline. Would it be a good idea to have your hairdresser build you your dream house??