Prechel Chartered Professional Accountants

Partnering with business owners to help them achieve financial wellness.

Partners, Not Customers

It’s our mission to work with you, helping with your business. Before we begin our professional relationship, we’ll sit down and LISTEN to your needs, understanding what’s important to YOU to ensure we deliver on the essentials you deem to be important.

No Surprise Billing

We believe in a no surprise billing model to ensure complete transparency and trust. Our core focus is on delivering proactive assessments of your business and financial wellness, empowering you to make informed decisions to achieve your business goals.
About Our Partners

We’re Business Owners Too

We’re not just accountants – we’re business owners just like you. We understand the stakes of running a successful business and the importance of having a trusted partner by your side. That’s why we work closely with you to provide expert guidance and support at every step.

Your Key To Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Achieving financial wellness involves aligning family values with business undertakings, integrating a plan with a professional team and providing advice tailored to your specific needs. Professional accounting services offer more than just financial statements and tax returns.

Buyer, Seller & Succession Resources

We specialize in working with clients who are looking to buy or sell a business, as well as those who may be looking to transition their business to family or employees. Our goal is to help simplify the succession process while ensuring that both the seller and the buyer walk away with the best deal possible!

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