About Us

Chartered Professional Accountant, Terry Prechel, has been providing clients with extensive knowledge and effective planning for more than 25 years. Terry has contributed reputable accounting services for multi-national and start-up companies — in Canada and abroad.

Our practice is focused

KelownaAccountants.com understands that in order to provide consistent results, we must be consistent in updating our knowledge of current tax legislation. We strive to address the needs of corporate and business-related clients in their tax planning and preparation, and do so in an accurate and efficient manner.

Our customer-centric practice

Our goal is provide our clients with sound practical tax advice that best suites their needs. Sometimes the greatest tax efficiencies may not provide the best solution for a client. We provide information to our clients so that they can make an informed decision.

At KelownaAccountants.com we understand that each client has their own individual income, tax and family environments. We ensure that our advice focuses on the individuals needs and provides solutions that will work for them.

Our workforce may be small in numbers but our size allows us to interact directly with each and every client. We have developed sound working relationships with numerous professional organizations to provide our clients with a path to follow should your needs not be within the scope of our expertise.

We welcome you to visit our internationally-designed office at Borgata Lodge in Kelowna’s prestigious Quail Ridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has over two decades of experience and prides itself on productive and informative tax and accounting services. With years of international experience, we are well-versed in how to handle overseas business opportunities while optimizing your financial return. We offer continued support, customized and client focused solutions ensuring you are fully informed and can make the best decisions to meet your financial needs.

Kelowna Accountants offer multiple financial services designed to meet your varying personal and business needs. We offer tax services, succession planning and business advisory. All services are designed to ensure you attain your professional goals. For more detailed information related to each service, please visit our tax services and our succession planning pages.

Kelowna Accountants will work with any type of business or individual who is looking for assistance with their finances and year end planning.

Kelowna Accountants understands that most business owners are without the time to keep their accounting details up to date. We will focus on the smaller details on your behalf, so that you have time to rather focus on your crucial internal business needs and business development needs as they arise.