Each new year brings changes to the income tax act. In general the changes are usually adding new credits while removing others. Such is the case with the child fitness and arts credits. These credits are being eliminated as the govt is increasing the monthly child tax benefits it pays out.


If you are considering selling your business there are a few things that you need to prepare. Consider the following: 1. Ensure that you have a team in place that can run the business without    you 2.  Stage your business for sale -just like staging your house for sale your        business also needs to be cleaned up 3.  Decide what you are selling; Assets or Shares


One person, means limited capacity. In order to make your business grow, you have to let your business work without you. To do that, you need to have systems, checks and balances built into your business so that you know that employees are providing your customers with the same great service and trust that they have come to accept from your business. Lets talk about how you can put systmes into place to help your business grow.


As of June 24th 2015 the three accounting bodies have merged to form Chartered Professional Accountants of BC.  This means that there should be no further consfusion in the marketplace between what services are provided by a progessional accountant as we are now all goverened by a single professional body. This also means that there is NO change to the levels of service we continue to provide to our valued clients. You will notice some changes to our firm name and logo over the coming months. Wishing you all an enjoyable summer.


  BETTER YOUR BUSINESS          FOR GROWTH            FOR SUCCESS                 FOR SALE


So you have operated your business for a number of years, you have continued to focus on the business and you have worked with advisors to ensure that your corporate documents are properly prepared, yet your company is likely NOT ready for sale. The due diligence process is very specific. If you are seeking a buyer to pay you full value for your business, that buyer is looking for you to have ALL your ducks in a row before they hand over the cash. Preparing documentation to satisfy the due diligence process is a job unto itself.


Preparing to sell your business is similar to preparing to sell your home. The business MUST BE staged and properly presented for sale. This means that Balance Sheet accounts must be reviewed, that personal items must be removed, that the potential purchaser does not get any surprises when they begin their due diligence process. 99 out of 100 sellers are NOT ready to sell their business. We have developed a number of seller focused reports to provide sellers with the information THEY need to understand if a business is viable and purchase worthy.


What makes for a successful business transition? 1. PLANNING Preparing your business for succession is something you generally do only once. The ONLY way to be successful is to PLAN the transition and the earlier you begin the more successful you will be.  There are a number of succession options in the marketplace understand which option may be best for your situation. Understand the steps in transition. Understand the position of current and future stakeholders. Be preared to LISTEN. 2. OBTAIN THE RIGHT PROFESSIONAL ADVISE


Many business owners are asking themselves this question as they look to transition into other life activities. What you want from your business may not be what you can get in the marketplace. Knowing what your business is worth today is a good start to moving your business to where you want it to be in the future. There are many multiples being thrown around in todays business environment but the real answers lies with a professional valuator.

What do you NEED from your tax preparer??

Approximately 50% of Canadians have someone file their income taxes for them. Be sure you are receiving the tax advice that you need. For some, basic preparation services is all that is required. Our firm provides more. Prior to preparing your return we speak to our clients and ask about what happend in their world during the prior year to ensure we have gathered all infromation that may be relevant to their tax situation.
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