About Us

Chartered Professional Accountant, Terry Prechel, has been providing clients with extensive knowledge and effective planning for more than 25 years. Based in Kelowna B.C., Terry has contributed reputable accounting services for multi-national and start-up companies — in Canada and abroad.

Our multi-faceted practice

Kelowna Accountants understands that in order to provide consistent results, we must be consistent in updating our knowledge of current tax legislation. We strive to address the needs of corporate and business-related clients in their tax planning and preparation, and do so in an accurate and efficient manner.

The generous business understanding that Kelowna Accountants has garnered throughout the duration of its history extends to include consulting services as well. We are planning-oriented and have worked with a diverse clientele spanning an array of industries from across the globe. As part of our consultation process, we properly structure your business needs to enhance growth potential. By sharing our wealth of knowledge with our clients, you can rest easy knowing that your company is serving you best.

Our customer-centric practice

At Kelowna Accountants we understand that each client has a set of distinct needs in their business. We are diligent in providing you with accurate and concise information so that you are properly equipped to make the decisions that suits you best. We work hard to empower our clients with focused material, enabling you to reach your desired goals.

While our firm is small in workforce, we have built a strong professional relationship both locally and nationally. The momentum we have created over the years is a direct result of our exceptional client service, our commitment to transparent financial advice, and a sincere dedication to trusted and strategic planning.

We welcome you to visit our internationally-designed office at Borgata Lodge in Kelowna’s prestigious Quail Ridge.

Our practice is multi-facetted.

We are constantly updating our knowledge on current tax legislation to ensure we provide our clients with timely and accurate tax advice. The tax section of our practice focus’ on corporate and business taxation.

Over the past 25 years, we have gained a broad knowledge in business and have provided consulting services for a variety of clients, over a variety of industries in a variety of countries. We are eager to share the depth of our business experience with our clients. Whether its discussing business at year’s end or tackling a major consulting assignment our clients are continually surprised with the antidotes we are able to present them in regards to growing their business.

Our firm is customer centric!

We provide information to our clients so that they can make an informed decision. Each client is unique and has a unique set of issues that revolve around their businesses and their lives. We look to empower our clients with knowledge that fits their specific situation and arms them with knowledge to make practical informed decisions.offices

Our firm is small in workforce but we are lucky to have developed great working relationships with some of the city and countries finest financial and business consultants. These relationships allow us to ensure that our clients receive the best possible advice.

In 2006 we relocated our offices to the Borgata Lodge, in Quail Ridge.  We invite all our clients to drop by the office and see our offices. The office was designed by an international group of architects and you may find the office design amusing.