Tax Services

Our clients depend on us to be professional taxation advisors and we are.

Every taxpayer has their own set of circumstances that make their tax position unique to them. Cookie cutter approaches do not in work tax scenarios. Sometimes the best tax advise may not be the best business advise.

We strive to understand the complete picture of our clients business and needs and look to adopt a tax strategy that will work with them in their environment.

We want the level of excellence that we apply to your tax situation to be the defining standard for how you see us.

Beyond all the jargon, we speak to and provide information in ways that our clients can clearly understand. Conversing in tax speak is fun to do with other accountants but our goal is to have our clients clearly understand their options. We believe in partnerships, not service arrangements. We appreciate the diversity of backgrounds and businesses that our clients represent and we look to find a solution that is as diverse as our clients.

Our services include:

  • Corporate tax preparation
  • Personal and small business tax preparation
  • Tax advisory services
  • CRA Audit assistance
  • International advisory
  • GST/HST and PST related matters
  • Preparation of capital dividend elections
  • Review of income splitting options
  • Strategies for personal and corporate investments