Terry Prechel


We continue to update our tax knowledge on a regular basis and seek to assist our clients by providing the most up to date tax advice.

  • Corporate tax preparation
  • Personal and small business tax preparation
  • Tax advisory services

It is ALWAYS best to do your tax planning BEFORE you make a major financial decision than to try and figure out the best tax scenario AFTER you have completed the transaction.


All business owners have an exit strategy. What’s yours?  When is the right time for you to exit? Like all things in life, pre-planning is much more effective than post planning. Generally, you only sell your business once, ensure you do it right.


With experience in working within multi-national corporations, startup companies and small businesses we seek to assist our clients by asking the tough business questions, knowing that you want to succeed, we assist by providing you the business tools to help you achieve your success. Let us help you become revitalized in your business.


With over two decades of doing business in Asia we can provide sound, practical advice for those who are seeking business opportunities outside of Canada. We have also worked extensively in the US and can provide advice on doing business in the US.


This is a subject that is foreign to most business owners. We help to breakdown the mystery of accounting and to highlight the key accounting issues that our clients need to focus on to help them achieve their goals. We prepare corporate year end financial statements.

We recommend, prepare and implement financial controls to ensure the integrity of the accounting reports you receive


We assist business owners with the paperwork portion of running a business. Proper compliance ensures that you are on-side with all regulatory filings and that your company documents are in order.